Akron Borough building.

When: Akron Borough Council meeting, Sept. 14.

What happened: Residents of Akron Borough, curious about whether or not their police department will get a new chief or if services will be contracted to a neighboring police department, will have to wait for a little longer for an answer.

Cost review: Council President Nathan Imhoff said West Earl Township will be submitting a cost proposal pending information from Akron on its police pension and on costs related to the school crossing guards. Akron hires, trains and pays guards, but half their salaries are reimbursed by Ephrata Area School District.

What’s next: Imhoff said policing will be on the Sept. 28 meeting agenda. West Earl police Chief Eric Higgins will be present at that meeting for questions.

Other business: Nathan Shirk requested permission for the installation of a horse tie in Loyd Roland Park. The park is heavily used by Amish and Mennonites driving horse-drawn carriages. The need for a horse tie was emphasized following a recent incident in which a horse broke free and wandered onto Main Street. Panicked, the animal damaged three cars before slamming into a utility pole with such force the horse sustained fatal injuries. Council said Shirk may choose a location and submit a plan.

Funding for public services: Council voted to donate $17,500 to Akron Fire Company and $11,900 to the Ephrata Public Library. Council placed $12,500 in a reserve fund for replacement of a vehicle for the Akron Fire Company and set aside $8,000 for new police radios.

Stargazing in the park: Council approved a request by resident Michael Hodgson to permit a group of astronomy enthusiasts to gather in Roland Park for a night of stargazing. He proposed Oct. 16, the next new moon, as a date for the event.