Horst Auctioneers conducted the following public sales:

•June 7-8, of cataloged antiques before 585 registered bidders.

Items sold included a Lehn-type miniature blanket chest, $3,500; a woolly mammoth tusk, $3,300; a rare leather hanging pin cushion, $1,250; a folk art sewing chest, $1250; a Hattie Brunner watercolor, $1,800; a cobalt-decorated water cooler jug, $875; a historical blue open vegetable dish, $725; an oil-on-tin portrait, $750; an 1861 Barbara Ebersol bookplate, $1,050; a paint-decorated doll cradle with photos, $925; a four-piece sterling tea set, $750; a pair of chalkware stags, $875; a pair of Bennington candleholders, $900; a heart-design double wall sconce, $975; a Betty lamp by Peter Derr, $2,150; a cobalt-decorated pitcher, $975; a Jacob Cope tall clock, $3,200; a step-back cupboard, $1,050; a Pennsylvania tall chest, $3,000; a reproduction single-drawer schranck, $1,150; a one-piece corner cupboard, $925; a reproduction tavern table, $1,100; a Pennsylvania decorated blanket chest, $2,300; a Pennsylvania tall chest, $1,150; and a 12-light Dutch cupboard, $2,200.

•Thursday, of coins and currency before 200 registered bidders.

Items sold include an 1872 cent, $230; a 1927-D dollar, $260; a 1928 dollar, $320; a 1928 silver dollar, $370; an 1882-CC dollar, $310; an 1895-O silver dollar, $300; a 1934-S dollar, $200; a 1909-S Indian cent, $325; a 1921 dime, $625; a 1921-D dime, $625; a 1926-S dime, $375; an 1875-S 20 cent, $240; a 1916 half dollar, $270; a 1916-D half dollar, $200; a 1929-D half dollar, $280; a 1918-S half dollar, $250; a 1921-D half dollar, $210; a 1920-D half dollar, $525; a 1920-S half dollar, $525; a 1929-D half dollar, $330; a 1928 silver dollar, $400; and two lots of six silver dollars, $250 each.

•Wednesday, of antiques, collectibles, household goods and tools for Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor, Paula Pellegrini and others before 395 registered bidders.

Items sold included an antique quilt, $220; a set of stamp albums, $210; a tray of auto literature, $250; a Chester County atlas, $220; a coin spot lamp, $150; an oil painting of sheep, $210; political pins, $200; a feather tree with ornaments, $210; two John Deere pedal tractors, $300 and $190; a vintage pay telephone, $325; a copper apple butter kettle, $180; a paint decorated pie safe, $400; a Depression desk, $220; a Victorian marble-top table, $200; a Herschede tall-case clock, $925; a Victor phonograph with horn, $950; a green-painted sleigh, $280; a green-painted huckster wagon, $390; a princess oak desk, $230; a set of oak chairs, $250; a maple dinette set, $270; and a maple bedroom set, $500.

•June 1, of firearms and hunting, fishing and military collectibles and accessories before 359 registered bidders.

Items sold included a Marlin .32-40 rifle, $7,000; a Marlin .22 rifle, $450; a Marlin .32 special-lever rifle, $675; a Richard Constable 16-gauge shotgun, $1,400; a CZ-USA .17 rifle, $525; a Ruger .308 rifle, $475; a Ruger .44 Magnum revolver, $600; a Ruger .338 rifle, $500; a Ruger .280 rifle, $650; two Winchester 12-gauge shotguns, $500 and $900; a Winchester .22 rifle, $1,550.

A Winchester .30-30 carbine and rifle, $500 each; an Ithaca 16-gauge shotgun, $575; a Browning 20-gauge shotgun, $400; a .32 rifle (brand unknown), $475; a 20-gauge double-barreled shotgun, $725; a Romarm AK-47, $725; a Maadi-Intrac AK-47 clone, $600; a double-barreled percussion rifle, $1,000; two Colt .38 revolvers, $400 each; a Colt .38 Special, $700; a Colt .36 revolver, $1,200.

An A.H. Fox 12-gauge shotgun, $450; a Smith & Wesson .39 revolver, $400; two Smith & Wesson .357 revolvers, $425 and $475; a Smith & Wesson .357 carbine, $825; a Beretta .380 ACP pistol, $400; a semi-automatic military rifle, $1,000; two Remington .30-06 rifles, $675 and $475; a Remington .38-40 rifle, $1,250.

A Russian 7.62x39 mm carbine, $625; a Springfield .30-06 rifle, $700; a Savage .200 rifle, $550; a Savage .22 Magnum/20-gauge, $425; a Thompson Center .50 rifle, $475; a DUV military rifle, $700; a Franchi 28-gauge shotgun, $1,650; an Inland .30 rifle, $1,300; a tackle box of lures, $350; reloading tools, $325; a storage box with ammo, $310; and a reloading press, $375.

•Wednesday, of antiques, collectibles, household goods and tools for the Romaine Young estate, Earl Rothfus and others before 398 registered bidders.

Items sold included a log cabin quilt, $300; a whirligig, $250; a Sunshine beer ad, $170; two tin lanterns, $130; a pair of spurs, $100; a toleware teapot, $110; a butter churn, $120; bone-handled flatware, $100; a 12-piece wicker patio set, $170; a hide-a-bed sofa, $160; a cherry bedroom set, $160; a cherry chest of drawers, $140; a Danish walnut coffee table, $310; a three-piece walnut table set, $330; a cherry bedroom set, $550; a softwood jelly cupboard, $330; and a snow blower, $160.

Probst Family Auction conducted a public sale June 1 of coins, collectibles and furniture for multiple estates in the Al Starr Fireman's Building, Willow Street, before 198 registered bidders.

Coins sold included a 1909 VDB Lincoln-head penny, $725; an 1885 CC Morgan dollar, $600; and 1881 CC Morgan dollar, $460; an 1880 CC Morgan dollar, $450; an 1882 CC Morgan dollar, $200; a buffalo nickel collection, $500; a Peace dollar set, $350; and a 1908 gold piece, $190.

Also sold were an oak harvest table with eight chairs, $220; a Hoosier cabinet with granite top $190; a double-lid wood box, $170; a Sheraton chest of drawers, $150; an oak settee, $130; a blue decorated crock jug, $380; a carriage sled, $190; an 1863 sampler, $160; and an early Grateful Dead poster (at F&M College), $100.

nWitman Auctioneers Inc. conducted the following public sales:

•Monday, for Laura B. Lansinger at 5935 Geneva Drive, East Petersburg, a three-bedroom brick rancher with an attached two-car garage sold for $133,000 to Minh Hao and Thuy Thi Nguyen, Lancaster.

•May 21, for the Paul G. Reichenbach estate at 338 Dover St., Manheim. A 1 1/2-story, three-bedroom house with a detached garage sold for $144,000 to Stephanie Lescavage, Manheim.

Additional items sold were a Honda walk-behind mower, $250; men's 14-karat ring, $220; a bedroom suite, $190; a flat-screen television, $175; a Fisher & Paykel washer, $150; a dining room suite, $140; a GE refrigerator, $130; a candy dispenser, $110; and an oak chest of drawers, $110.

Kline, Kreider & Good Auctioneers conducted the following public sales:

•June 8, for the Clair Adams estate. A brick, four-bedroom rancher with a two-car garage, at 112 S. Third St., Akron, sold for $165,000 to Barry Martin, Denver.

Also, a half-acre building lot at 109 Vista Drive, Akron, sold for $50,000 to Brian Boyer, Ephrata.

•June 7, for the Daniel Stoyer estate at 2 James Drive, Denver. A brick, three-bedroom rancher with a two-car garage and a utility building sold for $135,000 to Jeff Weiler, Denver.

•June 6, for Anthony and Sherry Hurst at 576 Smokestown Road, Denver. A 10 1/2-acre farmette with a 2 1/2-story, four-bedroom house and a 40-by-26-foot shop/garage sold for $362,000 to John and Leah Shenk, Lancaster.

•June 1, for Donald and Mary Ann Martin at 697 Prescott Drive, Lebanon. A four-bedroom country rancher with a garage and a shop/garage, on 5 1/2 acres, sold for $250,000 to Curtis Nolt, Myerstown.

•May 31, for Randy and Denise Brightbill at 754 Ono Road, Annville. An 8 1/2-acre farmette with a 2 1/2-story, five-bedroom farmhouse and a bank barn/garage sold for $250,000 to Darrel and Cara Heagy, Annville.

Hess Auctioneers LLC conducted a public sale Tuesday of 338 cataloged trucks, trailers, equipment and truck parts for Wm. Cohen & Sons Truck Parts, Thorndale, before 102 registered bidders (60 on-site and 42 online).

Items sold included a 2007 GMC T7500 cab chassis truck, $12,000; a 2008 Freightliner M2 box truck, $8,300, a 1988 Ford 655A loader/backhoe, $5,100; a 1990 Ford F450 vacuum/compressor truck, $3,350; a 1978 Chevy Bruin triaxle dump truck, $3,300; a 1979 Autocar tandem-axle daycab, $2,250; a 2004 Mack E-Tech engine, $2,000; a 1992 Great Dane 45-foot van trailer, $1,700; and a Cat 3304PC engine, $1,500.

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