Lloyd Smucker cspan

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker joined 45 other new members of Congress this week in calling for civility in a time when vitriolic politics has caused the public to lose faith in elected officials.

“Today, across Pennsylvania and across America, finding common ground between Republicans and Democrats looks and sounds nearly impossible,” Smucker, a West Lampeter Township Republican, said in remarks on the House floor.

Smucker said he hopes his fellow new members, and the rest of the House, follow through with their commitment to “make government work more efficiently and more effectively, help build consensus and restore public trust, and serve as a positive influence on society at large.”

The remarks come after what many considered the most heated and combative election year in recent memory, and as protesters across the country have demonstrated against President Donald Trump’s new administration.

In Lancaster, the group Lancaster Stands Up has held multiple rallies outside Smucker’s Duke Street office.

In his speech on the House floor, Smucker urged his colleagues be an example for their constituents.

“We here in Congress are charged with an enormous task,” he said. “In today’s divisive and heated public discourse, we must be an example to our constituents by showing respect for one another at all times.”