Vice President Mike Pence will be in Lancaster County today, his second visit in the past year.

Air Force 2 will bring Pence to Lancaster Airport Thursday morning before he begins a bus tour through Pennsylvania, a key battleground state for the 2020 election.

Pence's bus tour will make a stop in Manheim Borough for a fundraiser, but the specific location in the borough is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee launched a new ad this morning in Lancaster County ahead of Pence’s visit.

The digital ad says President Donald Trump "failed to prepare for coronavirus, he was totally ineffective in responding to it, and now Pennsylvanians are paying the price."

Democrat ad ahead of Pence visit

"Nothing Vice President Pence says today can change how Trump's failed response has cost Pennsylvanians their lives and jobs, and these ads will ensure voters know the facts about his incompetence in this time of crisis," DNC Spokesperson Maddie McComb said in a press release.