Smucker ed board 1

Editorial Board meeting with US Rep Lloyd Smucker. Friday, May 11, 2018

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker said President Donald Trump’s plans to remove American troops from Syria is “unwise” and reminiscent of his predecessor’s “mistake in Iraq.”

In a statement Thursday, the Republican congressman joined many of his GOP and Democratic colleagues in arguing against the move.

Trump made the decision this week while claiming U.S. forces had defeated the Islamic State, which many have criticized as incorrect. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who typically supports Trump and his policies, has called it “a disaster in the making.”

Smucker, of West Lampeter Township, has also routinely backed Trump but said the results of withdrawing troops could be dangerous.

“I think withdrawing our troops from Syria at this time is unwise. Doing so has the potential to further destabilize the region and threaten our closest ally, Israel,” Smucker said in the statement. “ISIS has been beaten back but they have not been defeated. Their fighters are ready for any opportunity for resurgence — and this could be it. Obama made this mistake in Iraq. We should not repeat it.”