With a multitude of fireworks and opera singers, the Republican National Convention (RNC) came to a close Thursday night.

This marked the end of political conventions ahead of the 2020 election — which is fewer than 70 days away.

The ballot will include current sitting president Donald Trump, Democratic former vice president Joe Biden, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins and Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicked off last Tuesday, Aug. 17, and ended Thursday, Aug. 20.

Here are highlights and analyses from the Associated Press for the RNC and the DNC.

Republican National Convention

President Donald Trump closed out the RNC last night with a closing speech in front of the White House. He spoke of supporting his strong voter base and the fear of what would happen if the country were to be led by a Democratic president.

“If the left gains power, they will demolish the suburbs, confiscate your guns and appoint justices who will wipe away your Second Amendment and other Constitutional freedoms,” said Trump on Thursday night.

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Democratic National Convention

On the last night of the DNC, Democratic former vice president Joe Biden accepted the party's presidential nomination, making Biden the biggest challenge to President Trump.

Biden expressed hope as he laid out his plans for what he would do if we won the presidency.

“If you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us, not the worst,” Biden said last Thursday. “I’ll be an ally of the light, not the darkness.”

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Here are some local, Lancaster County angles on the DNC.

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