East Lampeter Township building

East Lampeter Township municipal complex.

Republicans no longer hold a majority of seats on the East Lampeter Board of Supervisors, due to fallout from the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

In a joint letter Thursday to the chair of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County, supervisors Corey Meyer, John Blowers and Ethan Demme said they were leaving the party.

"The denial of the 2020 election results by members of our party and elected officials in Lancaster County, is outrageous," the statement read. "Our neighbors voted, those votes became the certified election results and were upheld by our judicial system. Continuing to deny these facts has damaged our system of government and has fomented the seeds of sedition, resulting in violence in our nation's Capitol."

Kurt Radanovic, the county GOP chairman, could not immediately be reached for comment.

"Enough is enough and such behavior cannot be excused or ignored," the letter continued. "The Republican Party we once knew is gone and has left us behind. As a result, we are disaffiliating from the Republican Party and will seek to work as Independents with anyone who strives for good government, decency for his neighbors, and the rule of law."

East Lampeter Supervisors Joint Statement by Carter Walker on Scribd

East Lampeter township is one of the county's largest by population, and in recent years GOP margins of victory have been slipping.

The board's two other supervisors, David Buckwalter and Glenn Eberly, both ran as Republicans. Buckwalter said he is still registered as a Republican. Eberly could not immediately be reached for comment.

Demme, a former chair of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County, said on Twitter Wednesday that "the Republican Party is no longer the best vehicle to promote conservatism, good government, and the rule of law."

Other Republicans have also jumped ship.

Melissa Dye, a Lancaster GOP committee member, tendered her resignation to Radanovic in an email Wednesday. Her husband, Daniel Dye, a former Lancaster GOP committee member and assistant district attorney, also announced he was changing his registration.

Melissa Dye Resignation Letter 1.6.2021 by Carter Walker on Scribd

Editor's Note: LancasterOnline removed the home address and number of Dye from this letter. No other changes were made.

According to the Lancaster County Voter Registration Office, 31 Republican voters changed their registration to No Affiliation on Wednesday, while 17 changed from Republican to Democratic and three from Republican to Independent.

On Thursday, 20 Republicans changed their status to No Affiliation, five switched to Democrat, two switched to Independent, and one each from Republican to the Libertarian and Patriot parties. 

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