Pennsylvania congressional districts

This map shows Pennsylvania's convoluted Congressional districts.

A group that runs a statewide effort for redistricting reform will hold a meeting Thursday night in Lancaster with the county’s League of Women Voters.

Redistricting  the decennial redrawing of legislative and congressional district borders  will be coming up after the 2020 census. It has become a major focus for national Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, who see it as a way to rebuild its coalition after significant losses in local and congressional seats held.

In Pennsylvania, a bipartisan group of lawmakers in Harrisburg are responsible for mapping out the districts, and the party or parties in power play major roles in where those boundaries fall.

Fair Districts PA, a coalition of various advocacy groups, has argued to take the that process out the hands of politicians and instead create an independent commission for what they say would be a fairer, less-gerrymandered result.

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Lawmakers would need to take multiple steps in the the next few years for any changes to the next redistricting.

The meeting with Fair Districts PA will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Friends Meeting House, 110 Tulane Terrace in Lancaster.

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