President Donald Trump Visits Lancaster

President Donald Trump, seen here campaigning at Lancaster Airport on Oct. 26, 2020, received negative news coverage from the earliest days of his administration, some media critics say.

On Saturday, the United States Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump for his role in inciting the Capitol insurrection on January 6.

After the verdict was given, we asked our readers to share their thoughts on the vote.

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What do you think of former President Donald Trump being acquitted in his second impeachment trial? Let us know. [survey]

Here's what LNP | LancasterOnline readers had to say on the acquittal of Donald Trump.

Amy Frey – Lititz

"It’s a slippery slope, opening doors for very bad behavior at any level of political office, with no fear of consequences. It sets an extremely bad precedent that I’m afraid we will never recover from as a nation. While I’m disappointed, I am not at all surprised by the outcome. It’s time to move on and live with the consequences of this."

Teresa Bair – Leola

"The former President was definitely guilty of the charges. 43 Republicans chose one unethical man over our Country."

Lynn Jarvis – Lancaster

"It was a witch hunt because they hated President Trump! I'm glad it he was acquitted."

Kelly Clark – Lancaster

"I think 43 Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. Donald Trump was more than proven guilty of inciting insurrection. He cheered the violence and he delayed calling in help for our Congress. Republicans who voted for his acquittal should go down in history as the traitors they are."

Virginia Rankin – Lancaster

"Think he should have been impeached but I knew the republicans would not do it."

John Kenderdin – Lititz

"It was a sham and never should have happened! He was impeached out of spite."

Joan Heckel – Lancaster

"Very happy. It should have never happened. They falsified evidence and knew he was innocent."

Marie Sipler – Reamstown

"The impeachment trial was a complete waste of time and money. President Trump was sure to prevail with an acquittal."

Donna Plantholt – Akron

"I'm disappointed but not surprised. It's disappointing knowing this lunatic is free to run again in 2024."

Anna Thomas – East Petersburg

"I love this country and hoped that Donald Trump and his corruption would be punished but, alas, no justice was done today. It is a sad day for this country. Even McConnell is saying this right now."

Pamela Weise – Lancaster

"Impeachment trial was a waste of time and money. Move on to real issues!"

Lynn Byerly – Ephrata

"The GOP has let us down again. They refused to protect us from an incompetent, power hungry, immoral monster. This is who they are but it is not who we are."

Regina Guaraldi – Intercourse

"I am both saddened and disgusted. The evidence presented by the managers was undeniable; the defense was pathetic. And the senators who voted to acquit are in violation of their oaths."

Donna Hlavacek – Manheim

"The outcome of the political operation of this impeachment process was never in real doubt. I applaud those Republicans with the moral courage to vote guilty to the charge of incitement to insurrection. The facts were plain before actions perpetrated in plain site. A majority of the Senate votes to convict. That majority was not sufficient to deliver a conviction by the Senate, but history will record the facts. Donald Trump was without any doubt guilty of incitement of this act of insurrection."

Amy Ruffo – Lancaster

"It is a travesty to our rule of law, the constitution and our institutions."

Jesse Weaver – Quarryville

"Very glad he's acquitted, that was a farce, he wanted the demonstration peaceful and patriotic, words the media ignored."

Mary Shirk – Lancaster County

"Ridiculous, a waste of time when the president is no longer in office. Get working on relief for suffering Americans. Another failed attempt to bring down Donald Trump, they are scared he will run and win the presidency again."

Cindy Ruby – Columbia

"It is a shame that the Republicans don’t have any morals. They have no clue about what is right and what is wrong. To let a president get away with what they just let Trump get away with. The Republicans just threw our constitution out the door. And said it is okay to violate how many laws. There is no rule of law in the Republican Party anymore. The Republican Party is no more. The Republican Party is nothing but a big joke and everyone of them holding office in it has no morals or sense of justice. What gives them the right to make decisions for the United States or it people in it when they don’t know right from wrong and only votes for the party. They are violating their oath to protect and defend this country and the people in it."

Kory Gress – Reinholds

"No surprises there. Was a waste of time. Minds were made up before trial even began."

Linda Bell – Denver

"The acquittal of Donald Trump is not a decision on whether or not he was guilty; the Republican Senators know he was. Rather, the acquittal is a referendum on the Republican Senators; it is proof that they have no desire to serve the United States. Their desire is only to serve the Republican Party and the United States of America will suffer for that."

Tracy Compton – Oxford

"Correct decision was made! This was bogus from the beginning. The Democrats are determined to destroy him for absolutely no reason at all! I stand with the greatest President ever, President Trump!"

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