The Trump campaign kicked off its national Women for Trump bus tour through Election Day in Pennsylvania on Monday, including a stop at the Republican Committee of Lancaster County. 

Lara Trump will be riding on the bus until Election Day, along with Republican advisers Mercedes Schlapp and Katrina Pierson, gathering support among women for President Donald Trump's administration.

Trump, Schlapp and Pierson got off the bus at the county party building to speak with volunteers phone banking for President Donald Trump. Lara Trump’s husband, Eric Trump, also kicked off a national bus tour in Florida on Monday for the final 85 days of the campaign.

Lara Trump toured the country in 2016 with Pierson and Schlapp as a way to speak with voters across the country and “get the pulse of what’s actually going on around the country,” she said in an exclusive interview with LNP|LancasterOnline. She plans to remain on the bus for most of the next 85 days, with a few scheduled breaks in between to care for her family.


Lara Trump departs from the Republican Committee of Lancaster County following a stop to kick-off the Women for Trump bus tour on Monday, August 10, 2020.

Republican convention and Trump's coronavirus response

Lara Trump and the campaign advisers discussed the upcoming Republican presidential nominating convention, Donald Trump’s recent executive orders and the future for America’s COVID-19 recovery.

President Trump on Monday said he would accept the Republican nomination in a speech in either Gettysburg or Washington, D.C. on the last night of the convention, Thursday, Aug. 27. He canceled the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, after having already moved it from Charlotte, North Carolina due to coronavirus concerns.

Lara Trump divulged there will be a series of “10 p.m. surprises” each night of the mostly virtual convention.

“[This] is sort of the fun part of maybe doing them in this fashion; that we have the availability to do some unique things like surprises,” Lara Trump said.

Schlapp praised Trump’s executive orders signed on Saturday, after talks with Congress failed to put together an additional coronavirus relief package. 

These executive orders, which include a $400 enhanced unemployment benefit with 25% of costs expected to be paid by states and a payroll tax deferment for those earning less than $100,000 annually, were done because “Congress is such a slow moving creature” and Americans needed relief faster, Schlapp added.

Pierson said despite the pandemic and under Donald Trump’s leadership, jobs are returning “by the millions.”

“We’re already ahead of schedule,” she added.

In July, the Trump administration celebrated an additional 1.8 million jobs returning, while 60% of jobs lost during the pandemic have not returned, the Washington Post reported.

Lara Trump and the campaign advisers kicked off the Women for Trump tour in Pennsylvania at King of Prussia in July 2019. Since the initial event with 1,000 voters in a “blue” region of Pennsylvania, Lara Trump said 200,000 women across the country have joined the coalition.

Ahead of the Trump campaign's visit to Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills said in a statement the tour would not "erase Donald Trump's record broken promises to Pennsylvania women, including his ongoing failure to deal with the coronavirus crisis."

“Since his first day as President, Donald Trump has always put his personal political interest before the health and safety of Pennsylvania women and all of our families," Patton Mills added. "That's why he rolled back Obama-Biden era protections against workplace sexual harassment and pay disparities."

But Ingrid Scott, of Manheim Township, said it was inspirational to hear from Lara Trump and others at the Republican Committee of Lancaster County building on Monday. Scott and approximately 25 other volunteers made up of mostly women were phone banking in the building in Lancaster city.

“I think more women are for Trump than they realize,” Scott said. “I’m not going to vote for anyone just because of what they look like or their nationality, their color, their ethnicity, their gender. I want to vote for the best person for the job.”

This is the latest visit by the Trump campaign to Lancaster County, with Vice President Mike Pence making a stop in the region in July. Former Vice President Joe Biden also made a visit to Lancaster city in June.

Lancaster will remain an important part of Trump’s re-election campaign, county GOP chair Kirk Radanovic said.

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