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“We must win this state and when we win this state we are going to have a better choice,” Doug Emhoff said in a visit to Lancaster city on Monday, Nov. 2. “This darkness will end and we will head into the light with Joe and Kamala.”
Election 2020

Just one day before Election Day, husband of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) Doug Emhoff visited Lancaster County in two stops: Lancaster city and Ephrata.

Emhoff kicked off his county stops by visiting Steinman Park for an invite-only talk with voters. He put emphasis on unity and made the argument for why he believes in former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Harris's campaign.

Then, Emhoff's trip took him to Ephrata, where he is speaking for a "Veterans for Biden" event. 

Reporter Gillian McGoldrick is on the scene. Follow along with her tweets below.

Both President Trump and former Vice President Biden are campaigning in Pennsylvania today.

Pennsylvania is considered a high-stakes state, and voters in the state could determine the outcome of the election.

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