The 98th includes Conoy, East Donegal, Mount Joy and West Donegal townships, and Elizabethtown, Marietta and Mount Joy boroughs. The district also stretches across the Lebanon County line to include South Annville and South Londonderry townships and Mount Gretna Borough.

About the district: The biggest change for the 98th is the loss of several Dauphin County municipalities in exchange for the addition of three in Lebanon County. Most voters in the district still reside in Lancaster County.

Population: 66,784.

Partisan makeup: Of 44,801 registered voters, 57% are Republicans, 28% are Democrats and 15% are independents or third-party voters.

The race at a glance: Republican state Rep. Dave Hickernell is retiring after his 10th term in this seat, the only Lancaster County lawmaker retiring this year. Republican committee members in the 98th failed to endorse a candidate in the race earlier this year. The local was deadlocked between Lu Ann Fahndrich, a Mount Joy Borough Council member and longtime state House staffer, and Tom Jones, a business owner and the Donegal GOP area chairman. Faith Bucks, a chiropractor and South Londonderry Township supervisor, is also seeking the GOP’s nomination. Without a party favorite in the primary, Hickernell’s endorsement of Fahndrich could tip the scale in her favor. Hickernell previously said he is supporting Fahndrich because she shares a similar background to his as a House staffer that would translate to a job as a legislator. The primary victor will face Democrat Mark Temons, 44, an East Donegal Township resident who works in construction design; Temons is uncontested in his party primary.

Lu Ann Fahndrich

Age: 61.

Address: Charlan Boulevard, Mount Joy Borough.

Education: Donegal High School, bachelor’s degree from Eastern Mennonite University.

Occupation: Legislative assistant.

Family: Four adult children.

Key endorsements: Rep. Dave Hickernell.

What are the biggest problems in your legislative district and how do you propose to solve them?

"Pennsylvania’s problems are our district’s problems: slow job growth, taxes that overburden residents, the need for greater election security, ensuring safe communities, improving our education system, and liberal attacks on our rights. I will address each by bringing conservative values to state government through things like voter ID; cutting taxes and regulation to help small businesses create jobs and grow the economy; supporting law enforcement; pushing for choice, accountability and greater parental involvement in education; property tax relief and elimination; and protecting our constitutional rights and freedoms."

What distinguishes you from the other candidates running in your party’s primary for this seat?

"From my work as a church volunteer and missionary to my professional experience helping local residents to my service as a local elected official, my life’s experiences (personal, professional and public service) illustrate my proven belief in — and practice of — conservative values and principles. I fully expect to be attacked for working in state government, but believe such attacks are unfair (I took a job 17 years ago to support my family, not for politics) and short-sighted; my experience there will allow me to make an immediate impact for the people of the 98th Legislative District with no learning."

If elected in the fall what do you intend to do in your first 100 days in office?

"I will push to implement the conservative ideas and principles that will address the challenges facing our state and community. I will also ensure the highest degree of constituent services to help the people of the 98th Legislative District. I will accomplish this by using my years of experience in state government. The challenges we face — from election security to a lagging economy — will not be solved with political platitudes; they will be solved with smart ideas and real experience; I have both of those to bring to our fight for Pennsylvania’s future."

Faith Bucks

Age: 44.

Address: Horseshoe Pike, Palmyra.

Education: Glenbard North High School; bachelor’s degree in psychology with minor in religious studies from Pennsylvania State University; doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Occupation: Chiropractor.

Family: Husband Dylan, three children.

Key endorsements: Lebanon County Republican Committee, U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser, state Rep. Frank Ryan and state Sen. Chris Gebhard.

What are the biggest problems in your district and how do you propose to solve them?

"We need to continue the fight for voter integrity and parental control of schools. I will continue to push for repeal of Act 77 and strive for voter ID. If each and every vote does not count, all is lost in our country. We are no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The idea that unelected bureaucrats can shove mandates onto our school districts is also appalling. There is a reason we have elected local school district boards of directors. Local school boards need to be able to listen to the parents in their districts without being handcuffed by government bureaucrats who do not understand the local needs and climate. I plan to continue the work on bills that would allow the money to follow the child and for property-tax elimination. These areas would change the dynamics of public schools by providing competition and parents with the opportunity of choice."

What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

"I have a proven track record as a leader of limited government and fiscal responsibility. As chairperson of the board of township supervisors, I kept the township open to the public during the pandemic theater. As a parent, I fought to keep masks optional in our schools, and stood for parental rights. I am a candidate of action."

If elected in the fall, what do you intend to do in your first 100 days in office?

"I am tenacious. I will listen and learn from other conservative representatives to prepare myself for the budgeting process. If House Bill 13 (property tax elimination with revenue replaced by increases in sales and income taxes) and House Bill 1 (increase investment in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs) have not shown any advancement, I will find a way to move these bills forward. I will fight for voter ID and the repeal of no-excuse mail-in balloting. I will continue to make myself available ... by being active in the community. I will be present in Harrisburg to serve and represent the 98th District."

Editor’s note: Jones did not respond to requests to participate in this voters guide.

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