solanco graduation

Solanco High School Graduation Ceremony in Quarryville Thursday June 9, 2016.(Chris Knight)

Solanco High School presented diplomas to 259 students Thursday.

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Meet two of the graduations who celebrated their success.

Name: Emily Zook.

Age: 18.

Hometown: Kirkwood.

Biggest lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of a compliment, or a kind word, or a greeting.

What’s next: I will attend West Chester University and major in  music therapy.

What you’ll miss most: Seeing all of my friends in school.

What you’ll miss least: Negativity, people putting down others.

Teacher who had the biggest impact on you: My music teacher Erin Brubaker. She taught me to do my best, and go beyond my comfort zone.

Name: Faith Reimold.

Age: 18.

Hometown: Peach Bottom.

Biggest lesson learned: Do not worry about what others think of you. Do what you believe is right.

What’s next: Currently a Career and Technology Center student taking cosmetology, and after high school I will get a job in a salon, and will eventually operate a salon out of my home.

What you’ll miss most: Is a safety net for me. I will no longer have school to fall back on. It’s time now to do my own thing.

What you’ll miss least: I won't miss the drama, and how certain people act.

Teacher who had the biggest impact on you: Guidance counselor Lindsay Capoferri. There was a time when I had to attend cyber school because of medical reasons. Mrs. Capoferri was always there for me and was constantly helping me.