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More than two centuries worth of Lancaster newspaper archives are now online through, and are free to LNP and Lancaster Online subscribers.

As LNP Media Group Inc., publisher of this newspaper, celebrated its 225th anniversary earlier this summer, its management announced a partnership with to make its local newspaper archives available to the public.

Access to more than two centuries of local newspaper archives is free to everyone who subscribes, in print or digitally, to LNP or LancasterOnline.

If you are a print subscriber to LNP or a digital subscriber to Lancaster Online, and have registered for a local account online, you can access the archives free through

Here are some tips for navigating the archives. 

• Start on the home page, and log into your registered account.

• You can click the word “Archives” to go to the local landing page; through the menu bar across the top, the pull-down menu on the left or the word “archive” under the “customer care” list at the bottom of the page.

• Once you’re on the archive landing page, look for the “ by Ancestry” logo, and click on the black “read archives” button next to it.

• On the archives home page, you’ll see:

— A list of all the local newspapers for which you have free access to archives.

— A list of local articles that have been clipped by other people using the archive.

— Buttons on the left of the page that can take you to video tutorials offering search tips and general information about the full site — including newspapers beyond Lancaster for which you have to buy a separate subscription.

• List of papers: Clicking on the word “Papers” in the menu at the top shows you the 19 different Lancaster newspapers, spanning the years 1796 to 2019 (up to 30 days ago) that are archived.

• To search: Type keywords or a name in the search box. Clicking the “add more info” menu allows you to add a date or range of years with which to narrow your search. You can also click on the word “search” in the menu, which will bring up a list of your own previous searches along with a search box. When you click the “search” button, a digital newspaper page will appear with your keywords highlighted in yellow everywhere they appear on the page. You can search for words within the page by filling in the blank box near the top of the screen and clicking the blue “find” button.

• You can search for a name by putting quotation marks around it; that will search for both the name exactly as it’s written or the name with a middle initial. 

• Search for recipes: Start by searching for the main ingredient in a recipe, along with the type of dish or dessert it is, such as “chocolate” and “cookie bars.” You can find vintage recipes by narrowing your search by date.

• To browse: If you know the date and specific Lancaster newspaper you want to look at, click the word “browse” in the top menu, and click through the side-by-side menus that allow you to choose a newspaper (the Lancaster New Era, for example, or the Daily Lancaster Examiner), followed by the year, the month and the day you want to read.

• Tools: Once you’ve opened a digital newspaper page, there are tools along the right side of the page that allow you to zoom in or out (+ or -), increase the brightness, rotate an image or increase your view to a full screen.

• To clip a newspaper page or article: Once you’ve opened a digital page or story, you can click the scissors icon to create a white clipping box with a dotted line around it. Use your cursor to make the box bigger or smaller, or move it over the area you want to copy. A box will pop up giving you the chance to write some information about the clipping. Click the blue “clip” button, and you’ll see a list of options for saving or sharing the clipping to someone’s email, Facebook or Twitter or your account (if you have one), or to save it to another folder.

• Save or share: You can also click the printer or envelope icons in the upper right hand corner to save or share what’s on your screen.

• For help: If you are a print or digital subscriber and have difficulty logging onto the archives, call LNP customer service at 717-291-8611 or email