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A teenager died after falling under a horse-drawn tobacco cart at his family farm in Little Britain Township on Saturday, according to officials.

John Beiler, 14, was driving the cart when the horses got spooked. He fell off and chased the cart. When John tried to get back on, he fell under the wheels, according to Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni.

John died from a traumatic head injury, Diamantoni said. He ruled John's death accidental. Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Kelly Osborne said the death is being investigated, but nothing about it is considered suspicious.

John attended the Old Order Amish Church with his parents Isaac K. and Fannie E. Stoltzfus Beiler, according to his obituary. The farm is on Ferncrest Road, Quarryville.

John's death is at least the third farm accident-related death in Lancaster County this year, according to news records.

A 72-year-old man died Jan. 18 after he fell underneath a skid loader while working at his East Donegal Township farm.

A 15-year-old boy was killed April 29 when he was struck by a 21-foot-long metal pipe that broke free from a mule at a farm in Little Britain Township.