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These are among the medical marijuana products that Cure Dispensary is offering.

UPDATE, 12:15 p.m.: The Wolf administration today released updated numbers on the first year of medical marijuana. 

It said more than 116,000 patients have registered to participate, with about 83,000 of them being approved and purchasing medical marijuana from a dispensary. 

Medical marijuana has been dispensed nearly 600,000 times in the past year, it said, grossing more than $132 million in total sales and allowing the state to collect more than $2 million in tax revenue from grower/processors.

More than 1,460 physicians have registered to certify patients, it said, and nearly 1,000 have completed the process and been approved. 

Today is the one-year anniversary of the first medical marijuana sale under the Pennsylvania law passed in 2016.

The first Lancaster County sale came about three weeks later, on March 10, 2018.

Here's a quick look at where things stand now, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, which oversees the program.

  • At last report, more than 98,000 patients across the state had registered to participate, and more than 66,000 had identification cards and were able to purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary. A department spokesman said it does not have information broken out by county for patients.

  • Approximately 1,380 physicians have registered for the program and 945 have been approved. That works out to about 70 approved patients per approved doctor. The department says many of the doctors not yet approved need to complete the required four hours of training.

  • The law originally required all approved doctors to be listed publicly, but regulators changed that last year; now doctors can opt out of that list, although they are still be shown as options to patients who register. Currently the public list shows 36 approved doctors in Lancaster County; the Pennsylvania Department of Health has declined to say how many, if any, have opted out of being listed publicly.

  • A second round of grower/processor and dispensary permits have been issued, and none went to applicants looking to operate in Lancaster County. That leaves the tally of approved permits for Lancaster and the surrounding counties as follows. Some are not open yet; additionally, each permit holder is allowed up to 3 dispensaries in different counties, and some have not yet chosen second or third locations.

    • Lancaster: 1 dispensary.
    • Berks: 5 dispensaries, 2 grower/processors.
    • Chester: 2 dispensaries.
    • Dauphin: 3 dispensaries.
    • Lebanon: 1 dispensary, 1 grower/processor.
    • York: 2 dispensaries.
  • A map of dispensaries currently operating is available here.