Andrew T Scheid

Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home 121 S. Prince St. in Lancaster city Friday, Jan. 10, 2020.

The sister of a man whose body was mistakenly sent to Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home is suing its suspended funeral director along with the Manheim Township nursing home that released the body.

The civil lawsuit filed by Diana Myers alleges Andrew T. Scheid and Lancashire Hall were negligent and have caused Myers severe emotional distress following the death of Elwood C. Reese Jr.

Reese died in July 2017 and his body was erroneously released to Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home. The family instead had arrangements with Melanie B. Scheid Funeral and Cremation Services.

Myers realized her brother was taken to the wrong funeral home after her husband contacted the Melanie B. Scheid funeral home and discovered the home was unaware of Reese’s death.

An employee with the Melanie B. Scheid funeral home retrieved Reese’s body from the Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home two days after he died. The funeral home found Reese’s body was not refrigerated or embalmed and showed “evidence of beginning stages of decomposition,” according to the lawsuit.

Lancashire Hall’s failure to follow Myers’ requests as her brother’s next-of-kin resulted in “mental and emotional distress” such as depression, nightmares, lack of sleep and headaches, among other psychological issues, according to the lawsuit filed May 27.

Myers’ attorney and a representative from the nursing home did not return phone calls for comment. Andrew T. Scheid was unable to be reached for comment.

In March, the State Board of Funeral Directors barred Andrew T. Scheid from mortuary practice for at least three years and fined him $150,000 stemming from dozens of alleged funeral law violations. The order indefinitely suspended Scheid’s funeral director, supervisor and facilities licenses.

Andrew Scheid owns funeral home facilities in Lancaster and Manor Township. In February, Fulton Bank recently sought to foreclose on a mortgage related to Scheid's property on Blue Rock Road, according to a lawsuit filed in Lancaster County court. Fulton Bank is seeking nearly $116,000, including attorney's fees.

Scheid faces other lawsuits including a federal suit filed in November that alleges a former employee was sexually harassed by Scheid’s wife and Scheid did nothing to stop it.

(Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home is not affiliated with Melanie B. Scheid Funeral Directors and Cremation Services.)

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