Police say woman staged “rape” scene with knife, vodka, called 9-1-1

Jeannine Risley, in a photo from her social-media page.

Police officers acting on a 9-1-1 dispatch found overturned furniture inside an East Lampeter Township home on March 10.

A knife and bottle of vodka also were found at the home where a woman claimed she was raped by a stranger at midnight.

Further investigating - including a review of a Fitbit activity tracker - showed the scene was staged and 43-year-old Jeannine Risley knowingly filed a false report, police allege.

Risley is now headed to trial on three misdemeanor counts for prompting the emergency response and manhunt for an intruder that allegedly never was.

Risley and her attorney, Joseph Funaro of West Chester, recently waived a preliminary hearing on all counts. In turn, District Judge Denise Commins ordered Risley be tried in Lancaster County Court.

Risley, of St. Petersburg, Florida, appeared at the hearing with her husband, and was allowed to remain free on unsecured bail until her next hearing.

She had been traveling to Lancaster County twice a month for work, an arrest affidavit shows.

Officers who responded on March 10 were told a man in his 30’s, wearing boots, came into the home and assaulted the woman before raping her, according to the affidavit.

Risley said she was asleep and awoke around midnight to the man on top of her.

However, a Fitbit device Risley was wearing told a different story, the affidavit shows.

The device, which monitors a person’s activity and sleep, showed Risley was awake and walking around at the time she claimed she was sleeping.

Also, snow on the ground revealed no bootprints or any signs of anyone walking outside the home, according to the affidavit. The hard-surface floor in the bedroom also showed no evidence of bootprints.

Risley said little at the hearing, telling Judge Commins she is married and other basic biographical information.

By waiving the preliminary hearing, Risley doesn’t admit guilt, but concedes there is evidence to support charges.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Fetterman is prosecuting the case. A trial is likely later this year, unless a plea is lodged.

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