A Manor Township animal shelter says it will not press charges against a woman who allegedly left a tote bag filled with seven 5-week-old kittens on a sidewalk outside its facility.

The woman, who was identified via the shelter’s security cameras, left the kittens outside Pet Pantry of Lancaster County Wednesday after being informed it was over capacity, according to a recent Facebook post by the shelter.

The post stated the woman found the kittens under her deck but couldn’t take care of them.

“We understand that they probably had good intentions,” rescue director Brenda Fijalkowski told LNP Friday. “The way they went about things were wrong.”

Instead of charging the woman, Fijalkowski said, the shelter educated her about how to better handle the situation.

Shelters throughout the county are full, so the best way to control the spread of feral cats is to spay and neuter them, Fijalkowski said.

The cost of preparing each kitten for adoption is typically $150. Fijalkowski said the woman agreed to help with the cost of care for the kittens she dropped off.

Donations have poured into the shelter since it posted the kittens’ story on Facebook Thursday evening. Fijalkowski said the shelter has received $550 donations from 11 donors.

The kittens — named Aria, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Harmony, Strauss and Tchaikovsky — were placed in foster care Friday. They’ll remain there for the next four to six weeks until they’re ready for adoption.

“I don’t think they’re going to have a problem finding any homes,” Fijalkowski said.