A Michigan woman died Jan. 2 after she accidentally shot herself in the eye while adjusting a handgun in a holster attached to her bra.

The accident that claimed the life of Christina Bond, 55, occurred Jan. 1, but details of how the shooting happened were released by Michigan authorities this week, according to Michigan news outlets.

A St. Joseph, Mich., police official said Bond was adjusting the holster, couldn't get it to fit right, and the gun accidentally discharged.

Last week, LNP featured a story from the Great American Outdoor Show, in which Lancaster native Diane Danielson presented a seminar discussing options for women looking to carry concealed handguns.

One of the items mentioned by Danielson, who works asĀ the national women's training program coordinator for the National Rifle Association in Virginia, was the Flashbang Bra Holster.

It's a holster that women can attach to the center of a bra.

Several women asked Danielson about the holster, and she made it very clear that she was not a fan.

"It's real handy, but guess what," she told the women. "If I accidentally put my finger on that trigger, I just removed my left breast."

None of the articles about Bond's death stated whether the holster she was using was the Flashbang model.

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