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Why do Amish people marry on Thursdays? Who was the last Democrat to represent Lancaster County in Congress? [We the People]

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Amish weddings

Both bride and groom need to be on the lookout after the Amish wedding ceremony. If a bride steps over a broom, some claim, then she'll be a housewife who's too lazy to pick up a broom. The groom's captured and thrown over a fence to show "he's not with the young folk but married guys don't want him either," one Amish man told researcher Karen Johnson-Weiner. Sometimes a modern bride is thrown over the fence as well and the groom is supposed to catch her. Pranks can be found in the food, especially the special food for the couple at the eck, or corner table: a mousetrap in the eck salad, gummy worms sprinkled over food or a bowl of prunes sewn together.

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Why do the Amish get married on Thurdays and not on a Saturday when they have off of work?

Amish weddings

Amish couples have handmade outfits like these for the church service when their wedding is announced and then for the wedding day.

Plain folk actually have quite a few wedding customs that differ from non-Plain weddings.

Amish weddings typically occur on either Tuesdays or Thursdays, as those are the least-busy days of the farming week.

The community needs a full day to prepare and clean up for the event. Weddings aren't celebrated on Mondays and Saturdays, as it's considered sacrilegious to have to work or clean on Sundays, according to

Weddings are also typically held in November, as the farms require more tending during harvest seasons in the spring, summer and fall; the chances for inclement weather are too great during the winter.

LNP reporter Erin Negley wrote a story about Amish marriage customs; read more here.

Question submitted by Daniel S.

Who was the last Democrat to represent Lancaster County in the US Congress, and when was that?

Redistricting map - PA-16 to PA-11

These graphics published by The New York Times show how the new map affects the partisan makeup of the Congressional district containing Lancaster County. 

Lancaster County is currently in Pennsylvania's 11th district. Until 2013, our county was in the 16th district.

LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher details Pennsylvania's 2013 redistricting in this article.

Lancaster County's list of former representatives consists of a long line of Republicans, both when we were in the 16th district, and now that we're in the 11th district.

Our area's last Democratic representative was Thomas Scanlon, when Lancaster was part of the 16th. He was elected in 1943 and stayed in office until 1945.

Before that was Democrat John Lesher, who was the county's representative from 1913 to 1921.

Republican Lloyd Smucker has been Lancaster County's representative since 2017.

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