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Who occupies the W. W. Griest building? How was Ronks named? [We the People]

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A pedestrian-level view of the Griest Building on Penn Square. 

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"I have never heard about a business that has offices in the Griest Building. The question then is, besides the retail spaces on ground level, who else occupies the Griest Building?"

Griest - Base-Middle-Crown.jpg

C. Emlen Urban designed the Griest Building downtown with three zones: a base, middle and crown. 

The W. W. Griest building doesn't give much indication on the outside of what businesses are located inside.

That lack of branding is intentional, however, said Jason Stauffer of Ecklin Development, the company who owns and leases the Griest Building.

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The lack of signage on the outside is in respect of the historic nature of the building, so as not to detract from the architecture.

"We don't want the building to be a billboard," Stauffer said.

So what businesses occupy the Griest? 

Restaurant and bottle shop Shot & Bottle occupies the ground floor.

The other floors in the building are leased mostly as office space. 

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Griest Building plaque 1

A list of the tenants of the Griest building, at 2 N. Queen St. as of Dec. 29.

Floors 1 to 6:

1st floor: Shot & Bottle, a restaurant and bottle shop

3rd floor: Ultra Organics and Care with Love, a non-medical senior citizen care program.

5th floor: GateHouse, which is office space for a facility that focuses on addiction recovery care.

6th floor: Chan & Associates, a law firm that focuses on family law, criminal defense and immigration law.

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Griest building plaque 2

A list of the tenants of the Griest building, at 2 N. Queen St. as of Dec. 29.

Floors 7 to 13:

7th floor: JCAD; Central Market Trust, a nonprofit led by volunteers that manages the Central Market both day-to-day and long-term; Elizabeth Bartlow, a financial attorney; Nova Quality Homecare, a home health care company.

8th floor: McMahon, Winters, Strasko, LLC, a law firm; Robert C. Wee, a lawyer.

9th floor: Paradox Labs, an e-commerce marketing brand.

10th floor: MK Architects, an architectural firm.

11the floor: The Floyd Law Firm; Soloff & Zervanos Trial AttorneysRowe Law Offices; Sun Point Welness Center, a counseling and therapy center; LPC & Associates.

12th floor: Ecklin Development, a home and retail development agency; the Ecklin Group; FORCE pkg, a package design company.

13th floor: Bel

Editor's note: The businesses without links or descriptions are businesses that did not show up in a Google search.

Question submitted by Jim K.

"How was the town of Ronks named?" 

LC SNOW 2.jpg

After a trip out in the snow, an Amish buggy waits for the garage door to open along South Ronks Road so it can park and get out of the elements from winter storm Toby on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

Ronks, in East Lampeter Township, came to be because of the "Ranck" family.

"The Ranck-Rank-Ronk family that settled in Lancaster County spelled and pronounced their surname in various ways. The family of Jacob Eby Ranck pronounced the name as Ronk but spelled it Ranck," said the late Jack Loose, a Lancaster historian, in 1991.

"The Ranck family 'split' on the pronunciation of the name, one group saying 'Rank' as to rhyme with 'Bank' and the other retaining the German sound, 'Rah-ck.'," Loose would later write in the Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society, "Lancaster County Communities: Rome to Slate Hill."

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Jacob Ranck was one of the first landowners in Ronks, and often towns were named after the family living there (e.g; Peter Gotshall and East Petersburg in Lancaster County), said Loose in the 1991 entry. 

Source: Nathan Pease, Director of Library Services at LancasterHistory, dug through LancasterHistory's library and found information about the town.

Fun Fact: Jonathan Groff, an actor known for his role of Kristoff in Disney's "Frozen," is from Ronks.

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Question submitted by Andrew K.

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We all know the Greist Building is the tallest building in Lancaster. However, I have never heard about a business that has offices in the Greist Building. The question then is besides the  retail spaces on the ground level, who occupies the Greist building?