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Barry Kauffman, pictured, and Allison Troy, upset the Manheim Township commissioners race by beating incumbents Albert Kling and David Heck over the Oregon Village development on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

Manheim Township Commissioner-elects Barry Kauffman and Allison Troy, both Democrats, bested incumbent Republican commissioners in Tuesday’s election.

For Kauffman, 68, the victory caps a career spent fighting for campaign finance reform in Harrisburg.

Now a semi-retired consultant, Kauffman headed Common Cause Pennsylvania for three decades, holding the role of executive director until 2016. While he worked at the government-reform advocacy organization, Kauffman championed reforms including lobbying disclosure, transparency laws, whistle-blower protections, local campaign-finance reform and ethics.

Prior to joining Common Cause, Kauffman was a citizens' advocate in the Governor's Office during the administrations of Milton Shapp and Dick Thornburgh. Kauffman also served with the state Advisory Council on Vocational Education as a regional coordinator and the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania as a program consultant.

In 2017, Kauffman started his own company, American Public Interest Enterprises, with a goal of taking his decades of reform advocacy and putting it to use on behalf of clients. The consulting firm, based in Lititz, focuses on advocacy and strategic planning for progressive public-interest organizations.

Adapted from a September 11, 2018 interview with The Caucus, a publication of LNP Media Group.