Linda Stoltzfoos composite and plain

Police and the FBI are still on the search for Linda Stoltzfoos, who has been missing since late June.

Linda Stoltzfoos has become a well-known name in Lancaster County and beyond since her disappearance more than three weeks ago.

Hundreds of missing posters of Stoltzfoos have been posted in coffee shops, grocery stores and on telephone poles. Her face has been seen on billboards along heavily trafficked highways throughout Lancaster and neighboring counties.

The 18-year-old Amish woman disappeared the afternoon of June 21. For almost three weeks, local and state police and the FBI and hundreds of community members gathered to search for her.

On Friday, 34-year-old Justo Smoker was arrested and charged with kidnapping Stoltzfoos. Days later, investigators are still searching the woman and believe she was harmed after she was abducted.

Who is Linda Stoltzfoos? Here’s what we know from the criminal complaint and previous reporting by LNP | LancasterOnline.

Stoltzfoos has blue eyes and brown hair that’s typically tucked away in a head covering, per the Amish tradition. She weighs about 125 pounds and stands 5 feet, 10 inches tall.

Friends interviewed by police said that prior to her disappearance, Stoltzfoos was content. She was happy with her Amish life.

She doesn’t have a cellphone, her friend told police. While the Amish tend to stay away from technology in most instances, it’s not rare for some Amish teens to buy cellphones or have social media accounts, Amish scholars told LNP | LancasterOnline last summer. 

She also doesn’t have a boyfriend, her friends told police.

Stoltzfoos is employed within the Amish community, but police did not specify where she works. In her free time, she tutors students of the Amish community who have learning disabilities.

When police searched Stoltzfoos’ bedroom, they described it as being “neat and organized.”

Family members said she is involved in her church community and dedicated to her family, and three of Stoltzfoos’ friends from youth group told police they didn’t believe Stoltzfoos would ever leave her family without telling anyone.

According to the police complaint, “it was determined that Linda loved her family and would have no reason to leave unexpectedly.”

Stoltzfoos’ father also told investigators that she often walked home along roads and seldom cut through fields.

Stoltzfoos had told her friends she planned to walk from her home on Beechdale Road to youth group at a farm in Leola — an hour-and-a-half walk without shortcuts, according to Google Maps.

It was on her way home from church that Smoker abducted her on June 21, police said.

Linda Stoltzfoos has been missing for more than 20 days. Here's a visual timeline since she was first reported missing on June 21.

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