Traffic Circle

Motorists drive around the traffic circle on Nissley Road and Pennscott Drive in East Hempfield Township.

A temporary roundabout is set to open in Columbia on Monday, and a permanent one in East Hempfield Township outside of Lime Spring Square should be open by the end of the week.

When they open, there will be 10 active roundabouts and traffic circles in Lancaster County.

Where are they?

Here's a list, starting with the new ones.

1. Lime Spring Square, East Hempfield Township: Running Pump Road and Noll and Old Tree drives


2. Columbia Borough: South 12 Street and Central Avenue


3. Lancaster: Park Avenue, North Plum and East New streets


4. Manheim/Warwick townships: East Millport and Kissel Hill roads near Lancaster Airport

5. Manheim Township: Overlook Park

6. Manheim Township: neighborhood at Wheatfield Drive and Dorset Street

7. East Hempfield Township: Nissley Road and Pennscott Drive

8. Lancaster: on Plum Street at office park at former Lancaster Stockyards site