Chuck Clark WGAL

A photo of Chuck Clark at a celebration of his 50 years at WGAL. Clark passed away Nov. 30 due to coronavirus complications. Image courtesy of WGAL.

Chuck Clark, an audio engineer at WGAL, has died of COVID-19 complications after a 50-year tenure at the news station.

Clark, 70, worked behind the boards from the age of 20 until Nov. 28 when he was admitted to Lancaster General Hospital and tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report by WGAL.

Clark passed away two days later, with his wife, Queenie, by his side.

In November 2019, Clark was inducted to the WGAL Hall of Fame, the first staff member to receive the honor while still employed. Clark began his tenure at the station in 1969, and oversaw dozens of technical changes while doing everything from directing to overseeing audio on broadcasts in the half century that followed.

WGAL anchors Janelle Stelson and Jere Gish reminisced on Clark as a happy and genuine person quick to laughter. Others at WGAL also remembered Chuck on Twitter.

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