Aerial Lancaster city during shutdown

Drone photography taken between 11 a.m. and noon on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, shows empty streets surrounding Penn Square in Lancaster. This photo was taken at King and Queen streets. The Griest Building is at left and the Lancaster County Convention Center at right. 

On Friday, we asked readers to share some of the new hobbies they've picked up since social distancing themselves.

Some have started brand new endeavors, while others decided to pick up old hobbies they did in the past.

Here are some of the best responses we received:

“I've gotten back into reading! It's been nice to get lost in a book and forget the world outside for a few hours.” - Sarah Y.

“Yes. Digitizing old photos. French Horn playing. Computing of all kinds of stuff. Learning to use Zoom. For this weekend I plan to conquer group break outs on Zoom. Continuing to review my deceased brother’s photo files.” - David Givens

“Still going to work since I work at healthcare facility.  But did pick up hobby doing the puzzle (1000 pieces). For this weekend I plan to paint the interior doors and mow the lawn ( if not raining)” - Dan Dietrich

“Yes, gardening, walking and lots of reading.” - Deborah Cole

“I am engaging in Pandemic house projects.  So far I have restrung twinkle lights in my screen porch, repainted my bathroom and removed the wall to wall carpet from my oak hardwood stairs.” – Donna Hlavacek

“Finally trying my hand at making macarons. And have started to run, since my gym is closed and all we have at our house is a treadmill, it’s my only option for cardio.” – Heather

“Continuing to work in my store and home on stained glass that I have done for 31 years. There have been many antique stained glass windows that I bough 20 years ago that now I can do.” – Karin Meachem

“I have done a lot of abstract paintings with acrylic paints. I am honing my skills and trying new techniques, all the while having a blast!” - Jan Rutherford

“At home workouts through YouTube and zoom, ordered some large paint by number canvases, acrylic painting through youtube tutorials and some gardening.” - Amanda Haver

“Yes I have i found a new hobby one day while I was on Facebook. It’s called Diamond Painting it is so satisfying and it relives a lot of stress due to the fact that we need to stay in i love it try it you will definitely agree it is relaxing!!!” - Cynthia Ramos

“Call it a hobby or new adventure but after 56 years of marriage and never having a dog we welcomed a new puppy into our home.  We wonder now what took us so long to be a dog owner as we are enjoying our new teddy bear puppy so much plus it helps take some of the edge off the circumstances we are currently facing with lots of joy and laughter.” – Donna Masser

“Coloring books for adults and more Geocaching, getting out on non crowded trails for as long as it’s permitted.” – Valerie Kinder

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