Water Street Mission guests and officials celebrated the reopening of the dining facility Monday, one week after renovations began. The project, initially expected to take six weeks, got underway Feb. 28 and was actually completed Sunday — a full day ahead of Monday’s scheduled completion date. Cleaning crews finished their work  Sunday.

Mission President Jack Crowley said the “cooperation between the different contractors was phenomenal.”

Ramsey Sybel, project manager for Warfel Construction, the general contractor, said the facility passed both  Department of Health and city inspections Monday morning and received its certificate of occupancy.

Companies donated labor and materials and churches, restaurants, grocery stores and businesses provided meals at Water Street’s Teen Haven building during the week-long renovation.

Crowley said  those contributions, plus cash contributions that came in this past week pared the total cost of the project from $860,000 to $270,000.

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