Lancaster County Prison

A file photo of Lancaster County Prison.

The water at Lancaster County Prison is free of lead, and only a small amount of drugs was found during September’s facility search, Warden Cheryl Steberger announced Thursday.

Steberger presented the results of lead testing and the full facility search at the monthly prison board meeting.

Lead testing results

Lead testing was conducted at the prison in April, with 93 water samples from sources including drinking fountains, sinks, bathroom faucets and sources of potable water. Only one source was found to have lead contamination above the Environmental Protection Agency’s acceptable level. The bathroom in the warden’s office was the only source that failed the test.

Facilities Manager Charlie Douts said the cause was old valves that contained lead, which have since been replaced.

April 2019 Prison Water Test by Carter Walker on Scribd

Contraband search

In mid-September, visitation at the prison was suspended for a week so that the facility could be fully searched for contraband.

Steberger said that no weapons were found during the search. Only a small amount of heroin and K2, both personal use sized quantities, were found in the facility.

The warden said that these types of searches will continue in the future, without advanced notice so as to maintain the integrity of the search.

Random dog searches of housing units will also become more common, prison staff said.