With Pennsylvania's primary now only four days away, elections officials say it is now best to return ballots in-person to the elections office to ensure they are received.

With the final 2,000 ballots for those who applied by the May 26 deadline reaching voters on Saturday, the best course for those voters, and any others who have not already mailed their ballots back, is to bring the completed ballot to the elections office at 150 North Queen St., Lancaster, rather than rely on the postal services to deliver them on time, chief clerk of elections Randall Wenger said.

Ballots must be physically in the hands of elections officials by 8 p.m. Tuesday to be counted. Ballot received after 8 p.m. Tuesday, even if they were post marked as being sent before, will not be counted.

“It is always extraordinarily difficult to wait till wait to (the deadline) to apply and then trust the mail process,” Wenger said. “I would encourage voters who want to ensure their ballot is received on time to bring their ballot into us.Post marks don’t matter on this; it is the date we receive it."

As of Thursday afternoon, 27,380 ballot had still not been returned.

Ballots must be given to staff at the elections office on the first floor of the Lancaster County Government building at 150 N. Queen St., Lancaster, or dropped in the collection bin immediately inside the building's entrance by 8 p.m. Tuesday. Mail-in ballots cannot be returned to polling locations.

Individuals who received an absentee or mail-in ballot cannot now vote by regular ballot a their regular polling place.

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