Fresh paint delineates a parking-protected bike lane on East Walnut Street near Ann Street. 

Lancaster’s first parking-protected bike lane is to debut Friday evening on Walnut Street, where repaving is wrapping up after months of utility work.

Instead of parking curbside, the parking lane is set a few feet away, to create a buffer between the bicycle lane and motorized traffic.

Notices posted by the city say parked vehicles are to begin using the new lane as of 5 p.m. Friday between Broad and Plum streets and between Water Street and College Avenue.

The city and bicycle advocates say protected lanes make biking safer and more appealing for the average cyclist.

Neighborhood residents have expressed a number of concerns about the lane’s width and positioning, saying it will be more dangerous to get in and out of parked vehicles; vehicles will be more at risk of sideswipes; and the arrangement will compromise snow removal.

Video: Biking and bike lanes in Lancaster