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It's time to cast your vote on the next story you want LancasterOnline to cover.

The question that gets the most votes will be reported on as a story for LancasterOnline's We the People journalism project.

We the People works like this: Readers submit questions and vote on the questions they want answered. LancasterOnline reporters investigate to answer the winning questions.

This round, we have history-themed questions submitted by readers:

  • Is it true there was a house in the late 1800s or early 1900s located on South Prince Street that had been built in 24 hours to satisfy a bet?
  • What is the history of Lancaster City's fire houses and what they are being used as now?
  • What's the true story of the boarded up, creepy house on North Chiques Road? There's urban legends online, but what's the truth?

Vote by clicking on your favorite question. Voting ends March 19 at midnight.

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And we're always accepting more questions. Submit your questions about Lancaster County here.