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Students wait for a school bus in a file photo. Lancaster County schools have not reported any incidents of violence or harassment after Tuesday's election, although some schools — including a technical school in York County — have experienced problems with students harassing classmates with slurs targeting their race or sexual orientation.

A series of racially charged incidents have cropped up at some regional schools in the wake of Tuesday’s presidential election.

Several incidents at a York County technical school have drawn national attention — in particular a three-second video showing students marching down the hall carrying a Donald Trump sign and shouting “white power.”

Lancaster County schools on Thursday reported a peaceful aftermath, with no reports of any incidents like those in York.

“Good Lord,” Eastern Lancaster County School District Superintendent and acting Columbia Superintendent Bob Hollister said in an email Thursday. “No, thankfully.  I have had no reports of such at either district.”

Manheim Township School District spokeswoman Marcie Brody said the district has “had no large-scale issues, but are investigating the authenticity of reports of several comments made by students, which will be dealt with on an individual basis.”

Donegal superintendent Susan Ursprung said “there has been one related verbal incident which is being investigated by our high school administration.”

Officials from nearly a dozen other Lancaster County school districts said there have been no local incidents.

In neighboring York County, there have been numerous reports of racially motivated harassment at the York County School of Technology, where students and parents alike have posted complaints on social media.

Many of the posts, according to the York Daily Record, reference a video showing students carrying a Trump sign as someone shouts “white power.” Some posts say students have been spit on and called racial slurs.

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Shaun King, a reporter with the New York Daily News, has tweeted extensively about incidents in York, noting that “dozens of students of color left school early after the overwhelming threats and attacks.”

In a statement, school administrators said that “all reported incidents are being taken seriously and investigated.”

In Lehigh County, students at Southern Lehigh High School have been subjected to classmates using “heil Hitler” salutes and yelling slurs that target their race or sexual orientation, according to Lehigh Valley Live.

Incidents, which began at the school in the week preceding the election, included swastikas carved into bathroom stalls and drawn on homework and laptops, as well as students using racial epithets, according to reports.

A school official said some students have been disciplined.

Similar incidents have been reported at schools across the country.