Ephrata police

Ephrata Police Department car

Police in Lancaster County say that reports of unemployment benefits fraud have skyrocketed in the past two months. 

Since the beginning of July, Ephrata police said officers have received 45 reports of fraud in the four municipalities covered by the department. Of those 45 reports, 14 were made on July 14, police said. 

Northern Lancaster County Regional Police said that June, there has been more than 80 calls for unemployment benefits fraud. 

In total, Northern Lancaster County Regional Police said that there have been more than 114 reports of "fraudulent activities," since June. 

In Ephrata, people who were targets of the fraud were notified by their employer of a claim being filed, revived unrequested paperwork from the state, received benefit payments which they didn't apply for or received a 1099G tax form, indicating they were paid unemployment. 

Ephrata police said that unemployment fraud could foreshadow future identity fraud for the the person. 

Anyone who believes they are the target or victim of unemployment fraud is encouraged to report it to the state's office of unemployment compensation and the police. 

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