UC fraud 07-25-2021

Instances of unemployment fraud have been rising in East Petersburg and Clay, Penn and Warwick townships since June 1

Unemployment fraud is continuing to escalate in Lancaster County, according to Northern Lancaster County Regional police.

Instances of unemployment benefits fraud “is not only occurring, but is escalating” in East Petersburg and Clay, Penn and Warwick townships, police said in a news release Sunday. The widespread fraudulent activity involves people being enrolled into the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation system

The scam typically involves notices to the victim by their employer of an unemployment claim being filed, according to the news release.

In many cases, victims receive unrequested unemployment paperwork from the state or receive unemployment benefits payments they did not apply for, typically on a debit card. Victims may also receive a 1099G tax form indicating they were paid unemployment.

More than 126 reports of such fraudulent activity have been reported to NLCRPD since June 1, police said.

Other police departments in Lancaster County have made similar reports of increasing unemployment fraud cases since June.

Victims of unemployment fraud are urged to report it to the Office of Unemployment Compensation or local police. The crime can be reported to Northern Lancaster County Regional police by calling 717-664-1180 or 800-957-2677 or by visiting www.NLCRPD.org. Victims can also call the Pennsylvania Fraud Hotline at 1-800-692-7469.

The Office of Unemployment Compensation also urges victims to file a police report in the municipality in which they resided at the time the unemployment benefits were paid. A copy of the police report must be provided to the Office of Unemployment Compensation, according to the agency’s webpage.

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