Update: A bystander armed with a gun intervened in a shooting in Park City Center on Sunday afternoon, shooting one of the participants, Lancaster police said.

A shooting at Park City Center on Sunday afternoon resulted in multiple people injured and two suspects taken into custody.

Multiple ambulances were dispatched to the mall at 142 Park City Center for gunshot wounds and trampling injuries at 2:26 p.m, according to a dispatch report.

Three males and one female were treated for gunshot wounds, police said. Two other females were injured while they were trying to run away from the area. 

The shooting happened in the JC Penney's wing of the mall, according to police. 

Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams told a reporter that the injuries are not life threatening. 

A video circulating on social media appears to show a woman running away screaming after what sounds like two gunshots ring out inside the mall. Three individuals were close to each other when the shots rang out, and one of them appeared to fall to the ground.

In another video, there is a heavy police presence inside the mall with a portion of the mall taped off. A large number of customers fled to the parking lot following the incident. 

The mall closed for the evening and will reopen Monday morning. There is no immediate threat or danger to the public at this time, according to Lancaster police. 

Lindsay Kahn, spokeswoman for Park City’s owner Chicago-based Brookfield Property Partners, gave LNP|LancasterOnline the following statement:

"We are saddened and angered by the unfortunate, isolated incident that happened in our shopping center today," she said in an email. "This is a developing investigation and we need to direct you to our partners at Lancaster PD and PA State Police. We are grateful for their swift action to contain the situation. Our highest priority right now is the well being of our guests and tenants."

Park city shooting 10/17

Police are responding to reports of a shooting at Park City Center on Sunday, Oct. 17. Following the sound of shots being fired, a mass number of people fled to the parking lot. 

Hana Ali, 57, of Lititz, said the shooting took place after a fight in front of Tabarek Al-Hana, an international food store she owns along with her sister.

Ali said an argument broke out between a group of four people just outside the store around 2 p.m. or 2:30 p.m., centered around two adult men. A scuffle took place, during which one of the men brandished a gun and began making threats to the others.

The gun was knocked from the man’s hand and the second man then mounted him and shot him, Ali said.

A second man, also part of the group, was also shot, though Ali was unsure how.

“Everything went so fast,” she said. “We were scared so we we’re hiding behind my register.”

Ali said she believed she heard five or six shots fired. One of the men appeared to have been shot in the leg and shoulder.

“I hope they are alive,” Ali said. “I hope no one dies.”

Police questioned Ali and her sister. Both were still inside the store just before 5 p.m., unsure when they would be able to leave.

Kevin Young, 68, of Lancaster, was shopping upstairs when he heard shots ring out through the mall.

“There were too many to count,” he said. “It was like a lot of firecrackers going off.”

Young saw a mass of people running throughout the mall, headed toward the exits. Some people were lying on the ground.

Young was ushered into a back room where he hid for about half an hour, he said.

Haley Miller, 24, of Hershey, was showing a customer jewelry at Reed’s Jewlers, where she works as an associate, when she heard what she thought sounded like a loud balloon pop. 

When Miller looked up, she saw people running and heard more loud pops.

“It was blurry. It all just kind of happened,” she said. “Your brain kind of shuts down in that instance and you just think ‘am I going to fight or am I going to run?’”

Miller realized that the sounds were coming from a gun, and quickly began ushering customers behind counters and telling them to lay down.

“It was really loud and really disconcerting,” she said. “I didn’t know what was going on or if I was going to leave the mall, which was a pretty scary feeling.”

Miller later brought the customers and co-workers into a back room, where they stayed for about half an hour.

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