Railroad Bridge

An Amtrak train on Thursday goes under the bridge that will carry Eby Chiques Road over the railroad tracks near Mount Joy Borough.

Newcomer Road and Eby-Chiques Road  — two paths that take traffic south of Mount Joy from Route 230 — will be closed to traffic at the railroad tracks sometime late on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 24.

The new route for traffic past the tracks will be a recently completed bridge along Maibach Lane, just east of Eby-Chiques Road.

The bridge, which opened Tuesday afternoon, was built to carry traffic over the tracks rather than across them, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesman Greg Penny said.

With the closing of Eby-Chiques and Newcomer roads at the tracks, no roadways will cross tracks along Amtrak's Keystone Corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. This will "help prepare the way for eventually increasing speeds on the corridor," Penny said.

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