Two Lancaster men charged in the November shooting at Prince of Subs that killed one man and injured another will have their cases decided in county court.

Ziair Collymore, 23, and Jerbrell Westmoreland, 30, were ordered to stand trial on homicide and related charges on Tuesday after a preliminary hearing before District Judge Adam Witkonis. 

Luis Sanchez, 29, was killed and security guard Chris Johnson was shot in the leg in the Nov. 28, 2022, shooting.

Much of the two-plus hour hearing involved city Detective Adam Flurry recreating events leading up to the shooting — and the shooting itself — based on surveillance footage.

Footage came from cameras operated by the Lancaster Safety Coalition, businesses and residences.

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Flurry showed Westmoreland and Sanchez together inside the bar, then Westmoreland repeatedly using his cell phone. He also showed footage of Collymore repeatedly on his cellphone as walked from the 700 block of High Street, where he lived, to the Prince of Subs.

Just after 1:10 a.m., footage Flurry played showed Collymore opening the door of the restaurant with his right hand and shooting four times with a gun in his left hand, then running away.

Other people who were in the Prince of Subs parking lot reacted when shots were fired, but Westmoreland did not, Flurry testified.

City officer Tyler Chubb also testified. He was one of the first officers to arrive and testified that Sanchez, who had been shot in the face and chest and appeared to be dead, was inside the restaurant’s vestibule.

While Chubb was looking for shell casings, he said Johnson fell on top of him. 

Johnson hadn’t realized that he’d been shot in the upper left thigh and had been walking around after the shooting, Chubb said. Police put a tourniquet on Johnson and he was taken to Lancaster General Hospital.

Chubb also said he later encountered Collymore, who returned to the shooting scene, saying he was looking for his cousin to make sure he was OK because he had heard about the shooting.

Collymore was taken into custody Feb. 24 at Lancaster County probation office and Westmoreland arrested March 6 in Tennessee. Both men are being held at Lancaster County Prison without bail.

Both men are scheduled to be formally arraigned on June 23.

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