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College campuses, including Franklin & Marshall College, have been emptied by the novel coronavirus.

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Posted 8:52 p.m. 

Gov. Tom Wolf has ordered all flags on all commonwealth facilities, public buildings and grounds to be lowered to half-staff to honor COVID-19 victims. 

In an online statement, Wolf said the flags would be lowered until a date to be announced after the pandemic passes.

“Too many Pennsylvanians have lost their lives to COVID-19, and, unfortunately, many more will die,” said Gov. Wolf. “Already we have lost friends, parents, grandparents, and siblings. We have lost first responders. We have lost community members. Each of these Pennsylvanians is irreplaceable. Each deserves to be honored individually for their contributions to our commonwealth, but this cruel disease will not give us a respite to mourn," Wolf said. 

Posted 3:47 p.m.

Penn State Health staff may be redeployed to alternative duties during the COVID-19 pandemic or asked to stay home, but will "continue to be paid at their current rate for normally scheduled work hours through May 9," the health system said.

The nonprofit also noted a program to continue pay for up to 14 days for staff that may have been exposed to the coronavirus, are required to quarantine at home and cannot fulfill their work responsibilities. That also pays for up to three shifts of time away from work "due to child care and elder care closures related to COVID-19."

Posted 3:40 p.m.

Lancaster Health Center is available to provide urgent dental care to people who need it. 

The federally qualified health center is open to all, helping them apply for coverage they might be eligible for or providing services on a sliding fee scale.

The organization with several locations in Lancaster city is scheduling urgent in-person appointments for dental pain and oral swelling, and is available by telephone to talk through non-urgent dental symptoms and recommend treatment.

Posted 12:55 p.m.

Lancaster County coroner Dr. Steve Diamantoni confirmed to a reporter at LNP | LancasterOnline that Lancaster County has seen 22 deaths related to COVID-19.

Posted 12:38 p.m.

Manheim Township will close its Compost Park until further notice starting at the end of business Saturday.

The closure, announced on the township’s website, came as a result of surges in customers from throughout Lancaster County and material dropped off.

“The decision was made in an effort to encourage social distancing and to lessen the environmental impact on the site,” according to the website. “We appreciate your understanding.”

Posted 12:03 p.m.

B&G Lumber Co. advertised that it was selling N95 masks to the general public. The masks sold out hours after the business announced that the masks were for sale.

Posted 11:41 a.m.

Pennsylvania now has 14,559 cases of COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 

There are also 240 reported deaths as a result of COVID-19 in Pa.

Lancaster County has 490 cases, which is up 82 from yesterday.

In addition, 14 people are reported dead from COVID-19 complications in the county, according to the Department of Health.

Lancaster County's coroner, Dr. Steve Diamantoni, said there are at least 20 deaths in Lancaster County from COVID-19.

The Department of Health's numbers vary from Diamantoni's because there are different qualifications for when and how the death count is reported to the state. 

Here's a full list of case count and deaths by county.

So far, 76,719 people have tested negative for COVID-19 in Pennsylvania.

Posted 9:43 a.m.

“We realize that this announcement is another disruption to tradition, but it is in the best interest of public health and safety,” commission Executive Director Tim Schaeffer said in a statement.

Posted 6:58 a.m.

Pennsylvania now has 12,980 cases of COVID-19, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Of those, 371 are in Lancaster County. 

The state is up to 162 reported deaths, with anywhere from 11 to 13 deaths for Lancaster County (The Dept. of Health has the death count for Lancaster at 11, while county coroner Dr. Steve Diamantoni says there are 13).

Here's a full list of case count and deaths by county.

In total, 70,874 people have tested negative for COVID-19 in Pennsylvania.

What to know for today

- President Judge David Ashworth says that letting people out of jail was a "moral decision," not a get-out-of-jail-free card.

- The Amish community is doubling down on its mask-making efforts.

- The Launch Music Conference was postponed to July, though at this point it may just go all-digital.

- The Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center is considering ways to keep coronavirus out of the detention center.

- Lancaster County has likely seen more deaths from COVID-19 than most recent flu seasons.

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