As President Donald Trump rallied in Reading on Saturday, about 100 of his supporters gathered an hour south, in Buck, to caravan 66 miles through Lancaster County, showing support for the president and law enforcement.

The "vehicle rally" was organized by the Lancaster city GOP and kicked off at Buck Motorsports in East Drumore Township.

After beginning the event with the Pledge of Alligence and the national anthem, Pennsylvania Congressman Lloyd Smucker, speaker of the state House of Representatives Bryan Cutler, County Commissioners Josh Parsons and Ray D'Agostino and former Lancaster city police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser all spoke prior to the rally leaving the venue.

While the speakers took the opportunity to encourage everyone to vote and to get their neighbors to vote on Tuesday, Berkihiser used his time to reflect on his 26 years with Lancaster city police and the importance of supporting law enforcement.

Lancaster city Mayor Danene Sorace announced Berkihiser's retirement abruptly Oct. 2 during a three-and-a-half minute news conference.

It was retire or be fired, John Fiorill, Lancaster County Fraternal Order of Police’s immediate past president told LNP | LancasterOnline. Fiorill said that Berkihiser was pushed out of his position because of a pro-Trump Facebook comment made by Berkihiser's wife.

"I never really recognized or thought that I would be a victim of cancel culture," Berkihiser said to the crowd on Saturday. "My heart, my calling has always been to serve the community."

Participants honked horns, waved Trump-themed flags, and held up Trump signs while departing Buck Motorsports.

The 66-mile ride was to conclude at the Lancaster city police station, showing support to the police in the same spot where so much negativity has been for the past few months, Lisa Colon, the chairwoman of the Lancaster city GOP, said.

A paper that outlined the route through the county also had a list of "best practices to prioritize safe and secure demonstrations” printed on it, along with a message stating the the event "will not tolerate or promote supremacy, racism, classism, bigotry ... etc."

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