fitbit today

"TODAY" correspondent Jeff Rossen, left, watches as East Lampeter Township Detective Christopher Jones tracks his movements on his Fitbit in this screenshot from the online video.

Local law enforcement takes the spotlight in a national news segment about the way a Fitbit — a personal activity tracker — was used by police to foil a false rape report in Lancaster County.

The “TODAY” show segment featuring Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman and East Lampeter Township Detective Christopher Jones, which aired April 14, was posted to the news program’s website on Tuesday.

In the segment, which runs less than 5 minutes, investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen talks to Stedman and Jones about what police can learn about a person’s actions from a Fitbit or similar device.

“What if your fitness tracker could be used against you?” Rossen asks.

To demonstrate, Rossen wears a Fitbit for 24 hours, then turns it over to Jones for analysis. In less than a minute, Jones is accurately tracking Rossen’s movements for the day.

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A similar analysis disproved a claim by Jeannine Risley, 44, of St. Petersburg, Florida, who said she was raped by a stranger last year in an East Lampeter Township home.

Jones used Risley’s Fitbit to prove inconsistencies in her story.

“It sealed the deal for us,” Stedman said. “We had other evidence that we were looking at ... but the Fitbit made all the difference.”