Terry Walker doesn’t think a roundabout is the best way to address safety concerns at North Plum Street, East New Street and Park Avenue in Lancaster city.

The 78-year-old said he was almost hit while walking across North Plum Street by a motorist who did not yield.

“It’s like putting an elevator in an outhouse,” said Walker, who lives in the 300 block of East New Street. “It just doesn’t work.”

Walker said he would prefer a traffic light there.

Three months after the city installed a temporary roundabout, neighborhood residents remain skeptical about the traffic-calming measure.

Residents and people who work near the intersection said there have been fender benders at the roundabout in the past three months.

A resident of the 500 block of North Plum said he has seen the cones replaced at least five times because motorists drive over them or drag them away.

The roundabout has not slowed down motorists traveling on North Plum Street, said Caroline Dionicio, 29, an employee of V&F Mini Market on the 600 block of North Plum Street.

Dionicio said, unless the city decides to put something concrete in the middle that people can’t drive over, “take it out, put (in) a light.”

“Nobody respects it (the roundabout),” said Rafael Candelarra, who lives on the 700 block of North Plum with his wife, Rosa.

“Why not put a stop sign?” Rosa asked. “Or a light?”

Lancaster city police Lt. Bill Hickey said the department is not tracking that intersection, and information about accidents or citations there were not available.

The city is still collecting data and deciding if the structure will become permanent. City officials originally gave themselves up to six months to decide.

“We are still working on collecting data and have put out a survey,” said Cindy McCormick, deputy director of engineering in the city’s Public Works department, in an email to LNP on Monday. “As of last week, there have been no reportable or nonreportable crashes based on police records.”

McCormick has previously said, based on the volume of traffic, a traffic signal was not warranted at the intersection. She previously said 4,500 motorists go through it daily.