The Three Mile Island nuclear plant will shut down permanently by Sept. 30, a premature retirement the plant owner says is necessary because the state failed to enact a clean-energy subsidize for nuclear power.

Exelon Generation this morning announced the shut down of the Unit 1 reactor, which was not damaged in the 1979 accident at TMI’s sister Unit 2 reactor.

“It is clear a state policy solution will not be enacted before June 1,” which was the plant’s deadline for purchasing fuel, the company said in a news release.

Below is LNP | LancasterOnline's in-depth coverage of Three Mile Island's shutdown and its impact on Lancaster County.

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Like other aging nuclear plants, TMI faces declining profits for its power in the wholesale market because of competition with natural gas and renewable energy, it doesn't have a backup reactor, it has high fixed costs and has experienced long shutdowns.

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