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This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals the structure of the novel coronavirus. The illness caused by this virus has been named COVID-19.

The number of new coronavirus cases jumped 21% in Pennsylvania in the past week, compared with the week before.

Forty of the state’s 67 counties recorded more new cases from June 27 through July 3 than they did in the previous seven-day period of June 20 through 26, according to an LNP | LancasterOnline analysis of Department of Health data.

The rate of positive tests, meanwhile, was 5.1% over the past seven days, up from 4.4% the week before. The uptick followed several weeks of steady decline.

Allegheny and several other western Pennsylvania counties saw the sharpest increases in cases, but Dauphin, Lebanon and Lancaster counties in central Pennsylvania continue to rank high in per capita rates of new cases.

Dauphin led the state for the week in both per-capita rate of new cases (87.7 per 100,000 population) and percentage of positive tests (13.7%).

Lancaster saw its number of new cases drop substantially, from 369 the week before to 250 over the past seven days, but it still ranked fifth in per capita rate of new cases. Dauphin and Lebanon both saw increases in new cases.

Allegheny recorded 898 new cases from June 27 through July 3, up more than three-fold from 243 new cases in the previous seven-day period. In response to the spike in cases, Allegheny County officials closed bars and restaurants for a week starting July 3, although carry-out is still permitted.

The number of new cases also tripled in Beaver and Washington counties, and doubled in Butler and Westmoreland. All four counties border Allegheny, which his home to Pittsburgh.

Here are the 10 counties with the highest rates of new cases from June 27 through July 3, along with their rates for the previous seven-day period. The rate is the number of new cases per 100,000 population.

1) Dauphin: 87.7 (up from 69.0)

2) Allegheny: 73.8 (up from 20.0)

3) Lebanon: 52.9 (up from 52.2)

4) Sullivan:49.5 (up from 0)

5) Lancaster: 45.8 (down from 67.6)

6) Westmoreland: 45.0 (up from 15.1)

7) Philadelphia: 43.1 (down from 50.4)

8) Beaver: 41.5 (up from 11.6)

9) Northumberland: 35.2 (down from 37.4)

10) Washington: 34.8 (up from 12.1)

And here the 10 counties with the highest rates of positive coronavirus tests from June 27 through July 3, and how that compares with the previous seven-day period. A higher rate of positive tests can be an indicator of greater community spread of the virus.

1) Dauphin: 13.7% (Up from 8.8%)

2) Sullivan: 13.0% (Up from 0)

3) Allegheny: 9.3% (Up from 4.4%)

4) Beaver: 8.3% (Up from 3.7%)

5) Lebanon: 8.0% (Up from 6.8%)

6) York: 7.3% (Down from 9.6%)

7) Franklin: 7.0% (Up from 3.8%)

8) Lancaster: 6.1% (Down from 8.4%)

9) Westmoreland: 5.8% (Up from 3.3%)

10) Philadelphia: 5.7% (Down from 6.4%)