A roundabout will be installed at the intersection of South 12th Street and Central Avenue on Monday in Columbia.

Borough officials hope the temporary traffic-calming measure will help reduce speeding and accidents along a stretch of South 12th Street.

An 8-by-19-foot barrier using traffic-control barrels and tape will be installed in the center of the intersection, and yield signs will be placed near each corner, according to borough police.

Traffic at the roundabout will be monitored for three to six months, borough police chief Jack Brommer previously told LNP.

“We will evaluate after that,” he said.

Brommer said he reached out to the state Department of Transportation after receiving complaints from residents.

“The PennDOT experts tell us a roundabout will be more effective at slowing traffic than stop signs,” he told LNP in May. “Stop signs actually cause greater issues and more accidents.”

How do you drive through a roundabout in Pennsylvania? PennDOT explains [video]

Brommer said a PennDOT consultant will be on hand to assist with the installation, and he said if officials are satisfied with the roundabout, they will look to make it permanent.

“If it is successful, and if we have concerns expressed by residents about similar situations, we may try this elsewhere,” he said.