A marijuana growing operation in Luzerne County has a stench apparent for half a mile that is driving neighbors away, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Unlike most marijuana growers in the state, Standard Farms does not cultivate in an enclosed warehouse," the publication reported

It quoted nearby resident Doreen Ackers comparing the smell to "20 skunks in my garage” and saying, "It takes your breath away. "

Standard Farms is among the companies Pennsylvania has given permits to grow weed under a raft of conditions as part of the state's medical marijuana law. 

That's not the only odor complaint that has hit the news due to a plant rcently authorized for commercial use.

In Westmoreland County, TribLive.com reported on Dec. 2 that the state Department of Environmental Protection and the City of Jeannette both ordered hemp-drying facility Patriot Shield to close because of a strong marijuana-like smell.

"To resume operations, the company must submit a plan to install and operate air cleaning devices," it reported.