Hunters United for Sunday Hunting files lawsuit seeking Sunday hunting

Hunters United for Sunday Hunting has notified the Pennsylvania Game Commission of its intent to sue for the right to hunt on Sundays. (P.J. Reilly/Staff)

Sunday hunting is back up for debate, this time in front of the state House of Representatives’ Game and Fisheries Committee.

The committee, with Rep. Mindy Fee as the lone Lancaster County representative, will hear from stakeholders on Tuesday about whether a Senate bill that would legalize hunting on three Sundays each year is the best compromise.

The bill was introduced by Sen Dan. Laughlin, R-Erie and passed the Senate in June, 36-14. This only happened after Republican senators negotiated Laughlin’s bill down to three Sundays with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, which has long opposed Sunday hunting legislation. Hunters would be able to hunt on one Sunday during rifle season, one Sunday during archery season and another to be determined.

The Farm Bureau still opposes the bill because it does not include provisions the farm group considers critical, like requiring hunters to have written permission before hunting on their land on one of those Sundays, a spokesperson told LNP in June.

On the other side, the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen and Conservationists, still isn’t entirely happy with cutting Sunday hunting proposals down to three days, but “encouraged” that it would allow more people to hunt in the commonwealth, its executive director Harold Daub told LNP in June.

In a release, Daub said he looks forward to testifying before the committee to represent his organization and the 1.4 million sportsmen and women in Pennsylvania. 

The hearing is in Room 60 of the State Capitol Building’s East Wing on Tuesday at 1 p.m.