A student’s stink packet briefly interrupted an awards ceremony in the auditorium at Penn Manor High School Friday, a school official said.

Students were in the auditorium when a student took out a gel packet and stepped on it to activate it shortly before 9 a.m., said Brian Wallace, Penn Manor School District’s community relations coordinator.

“The packet made a pop, like a bag popping,” he said. The foil pouch product released a strong odor, but did not burn or produce smoke.

Students were sent back to classrooms as a precaution, Wallace said. No one panicked, and no one was injured or checked out by a nurse. The packet was cleaned up,  and the students returned to the assembly within 10 minutes.

School officials have determined a suspect, but Wallace declined to release anything about the student or possible discipline.

"This type of behavior will not be tolerated, and I am extremely disappointed that a student would choose to behave in this manner,” high school Principal Phil Gale said. “Student behavior that causes a disruption to the school environment will result in severe consequences."

The school resource officer, Millersville Borough Officer Jason Hottenstein said 400 students had to be evacuated from the auditorium.

“The students were not happy because it disrupted their day,” he said.

A similar odor packet was used in an incident Thursday morning in a utility closet by the agricultural wing of the high school, he said. No one was evacuated.

Hottenstein is investigating both incidents.

Friday was the last day of school for Penn Manor students.