When Amtrak's iconic flipboard from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station first arrived at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, it looked out of place. It sat up against the stone wall on the far side of the museum. 

It was nothing like what travelers remembered seeing, looking up at the massive board, flipping through arrival and departure times. 

That's why Tom Henman was commissioned by the museum to make the background for the board feel more homey, since Strasburg is where the board will be for at least the next three years. 

Henman, a local painter who specializes in decorative and faux painting, spent five days creating the fake travertine, but many more in his research. 

He used layers of paint, applied in different ways, to transform a drywall base into an almost exact replica of the travertine that decks the walls at 30th Street Station. 

The old board would be placed in an area focusing on terminals under a new exhibit titled, “Railroads Changed Our Lives Forever."