Jeffrey Eshelman

Pharmacist Jeffrey Eshelman, shown in this 2013 file photo at McElroy's Pharmacy in Lititz, was charged Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019, with drug offenses.

The state has temporally suspended the pharmacy license of a Lititz pharmacy owner charged earlier this month with illegally providing opioid and anti-anxiety drugs without a prescription.

The Pennsylvania Department of State said the accusations against Jeffrey Eshelman, if true, represent an "immediate and clear danger to public health and safety" in the order, dated Dec. 13.

In charging documents, a state Attorney General's office agent said he watched owner Eshelman, 67, of Tennis Court, Warwick Township, hand bottles of pills to a person behind McElroy Pharmacy, 101 E. Main St., Oct. 7 and 10.

Then, about five weeks later, the Drug Enforcement Agency inspected the pharmacy's records under the Controlled Substances Act. The DEA said McElroy's pharmacy bought more hydrocodone — an opioid — than any other pharmacy in the 175 ZIP code set during an 18-month period.

Eshelman was charged Dec. 5 with four felony counts of drug delivery, and two counts each of providing controlled substances to a dependent person, selling controlled substances without a label and refusing to keep required records, all misdemeanors. 

He's free on $100,000 unsecured bail. A Jan. 7 preliminary hearing is scheduled before District Judge Edward Tobin.